Codebook Cloud

Codebook Cloud is an automatic sync service for the Codebook password manager, built and run by Zetetic.

It is free to try with a subscription.

While Codebook supports a few different sync services, Codebook Cloud is the best way to keep your passwords and other secure data in sync across all of your devices:

  • It's automatic.
  • It's instantaneous.
  • It's available anywhere with an Internet connection.

Once you turn on Codebook Cloud, any changes you make to your data will be available immediately on all your devices. You will always have up-to-date passwords and other login credentials available to you from any network. Learn More.

Your Eyes Only

All of the data that you store in Codebook Cloud is encrypted before it ever gets to us, with your Sync Key, which we do not have. If you decide to use Codebook Cloud, we will be unable to decrypt and read your Codebook data stored on our servers. Learn More.

Robust Security

We do not encrypt your cloud data with your Master Password. Even strong Master Passwords are rarely totally random, exposing them to advanced cracking techniques. Because your sync data is instead encrypted with your Sync Key, which is a totally random stream of bytes, this type of password cracking is not possible. Learn More.

Subscription Service

Codebook Cloud is a subscription service that is free to try. Codebook itself is free to download and use, and a subscription is not required to use the other sync services available (Desktop WiFi, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Local Folder). Learn More.

No Cloud? No Problem

We understand that some of our customers are not comfortable using any cloud service for Sync, and that's okay with us. We are not going to require anyone to use Codebook Cloud, and the existing sync services are being maintained. Learn More.